Area of application

Determining optimum power plant operation and risk analysis

In order to optimally operate, e.g. a pumped power plant, the optimum times for pumping and power requirements must be determined. The valuation and risk analysis for gas and steam turbines takes into account, amongst others, performance characteristics, ramping, energy efficiency, loss of power and the effects of temperature.
The aim of the applied strategies is to maximise net revenues.
The following constraints are taken into account:

  • Volume
  • Operating limits
  • Controllability

The valuations include a risk analysis, which determines key risk indicators such as value at risk.

Determining optimum contract deployment

Flexible gas supply agreements are subject to annual, quarterly, monthly and daily restrictions, which translate into minimum and maximum amounts. The purchasing costs can depend on various price indexes.
The aim of stochastic optimisation is to be able to trade the purchased amount of gas optimally on the market by analysing results.

Determining the best price/trade volume rebates

 TS-Energy is used to support trading, including pricing and risk analysis for complex energy contracts such as swing options or virtual power stations and ancillary services for network operators (balancing energy).

Other areas of application include

  • Preparing benchmarks for independent power producers (IPPs)
  • Assessing plans to upgrade and expand
  • Evaluating financial derivatives