TS-Energy: Our product for unit commitment, decision support and risk analysis

Stochastische Optimierung

 TS-Energy is based on a stochastic valuation and risk analysis of portfolios made up of flexible derivatives and contracts. Stochastic processes are used to define ‘uncertainties’ in input data such as gas and electricity prices or the weather.
TS Energy determines the optimum utilisation strategy and the use of each element in the portfolio, thus maximising the expected return, while at the same time:

  • Determining the fair value and value distribution for each asset and the portfolio
  • Creating analyses, including a risk analysis (e.g. value at risk)
  • Supporting the optimum hedging of generation portfolios using liquid products

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TS Energy is available as a standalone application and as a PSImarket module, which eliminates the need for interfaces and an additional external data supply.