• TS-Energy: Our product for unit commitment, decision support and risk analysis

With TS Energy, our subsidiary Time-Steps offers you a comprehensive platform for the optimizations of all your energy assets.

TS-Energy optimizes the expected return of your energy portfolio by generating optimal operating strategies for power plant operation and energy trading. TS-Energy offers you all the necessary tools to be prepared for the challenges of evermore volatile energy markets: valuation, risk analysis, hedging and dispatching of all assets in your portfolio.

TS-Energy  is available as a standalone application and as a PSImarket module, which eliminates the need for interfaces and an additional external data supply.


  • Parallelized high-performance calculation solver
  • Workflow controlling and monitoring
  • Web-based overview of results and events
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Support for multiple tenants
  • Support for multiple products
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Releasability

TS-Energy Fields of Application

Power Plant Operation

  • Profit maximization
  • Derivation of margin prices and per-unit memory values
  • Management of electricity production and ancillary services
  • Price definition and allocation of ancillary services
  • Analysis of power plant extensions

Portfolio Optimization

  • Analysis of portfolio and assets risks
  • Optimal hedging of your portfolio
  • Report the Greeks of Assets

Trading Support

  • Determination of optimal margin prices
  • Pricing and risk analysis of assets and contracts
  • Display of available capacities for the intra-day trade

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