System structure

R-Win® is divided into functionalities, some of which are available centralised only, some centralised and decentralised, and some only decentralised.

The system configuration is primarily used by the system administrator to customise system tables. This includes e.g. setting up user groups and users, the definition of new attributes and changing definitions in spreadsheets. Standard users can read most data in this area, but cannot edit them.

Master data

This functionality is used to enter and manage stations, system structures, devices and calibration gas bottles as well as to display all relevant information. The master data is managed centralized from a server as well as decentralized.


This area includes all functionalities required to initiate and carry out revisions. Revision results can also be accessed with this functionality.

Additional functionalities

There are a number of special functionalities available, e.g. to define the automatic commissioning of tests for fixed revision appointments, to define trends, and to enter data comparison.