System description

Revision of gas measuring devices

PSIrwin is our system for the revision of large gas measuring systems. The aim of device revision is to regularly check the accuracy of all billing related gas measuring instruments. This has to be done in order to minimise measurement errors and the associated commercial risks.

Reproducible test results

Standardized procedures are the prerequisite for reproducible test results, which have to be agreed upon by all parties involved. Because of the complex structure of gas measuring stations various individual tests may have to be carried out simultaneously. The revision and maintenance of measuring devices/stations at different locations entails special requirements of scheduling and coordination of appointments. Only if all measured values are documented completely, evaluations can lead to the recognition of long-term trends. 

Support for calibration and on-site tests

The system not only supports revision, but also calibration and on-site tests. All relevant data is collected, saved and referred to in the process of calculating the results. The concept of the system ensures that the routine tasks that have to be carried out on-site are supported as efficiently as possible:

  • All revision reports can be accessed on the screen for every revision appointment (functionality: revision history).
  • The trend display of the error relevant for the revision method (absolute or relative) is available for the corresponding device at any time.
  • Many data relevant for an individual device revision (manufacturer, product no., station and device data etc.) is automatically referred to and transferred to the relevant revision forms.
  • A number of individual revisions can be carried out simultaneously at one station.
  • Revisions can be corrected before being uploaded to the central system. In this case the values that were recorded erroneously have to be replaced.
  • All revision reports can be printed on-site or saved as PDF file.