The R-Win User-Group

The first meeting of the R-Win® User-Group took place as early as in the first months of 2002.


Support for the coordination of changes and additions

  • Participation in developing future additions
  • Joint definition of requirements and priorities
  • Testing new functionalities and reaching agreement with calibration authorities
  • Cost reduction for individual users

Rules for cooperation

Every user can participate in the activities of the User-Group

  • The user group meets twice a year (May and November)
  • PSI Energy Markets GmbH and the users inform each other about, and discuss, current topics together
  • If required, work groups are set up

The user group has developed together with PSI Energy Markets GmbH many proposals which were implemented successfully, for example in the following areas:

  • Collection of the measured values and GasX interface
  • Standard evaluations
  • Error messages and station files
  • Inspection body activities