Formula editor

The formula editor is used as a uniform instrument using common system functions to describe relationships by using formulas. Complex formulas including conditions can be defined. For the definition of formulas, a formula library that was especially developed for the energy business can be used.

A calculation of substitute values for indices is implemented in the price system as well as standardized rounding rules. The formula editor cannot only be used for the representation of price and profit/cost rules and regulation, but also for creating a time series for volume planning. It can also be used for representing index calculations, balance sheet regulations as well as contents and descriptions of entry and exit points, market areas and balance groups. This method ensures a high degree of flexibility, so that competitors, legislators or regulatory authorities can be changed easily.

The formula editor has the following features:

  • easy syntax
  • definition of general formulas that can be used repeatedly
  • referencing to other objects and time series
  • special functions for the gas business like TOP, make up, staggering, zoning, linear regression, optimizing methods
  • accurate price determination