GAPS has been developed for the liberalized European market and is based on an integrated approach for reproducing the gas purchase and sales process.

Multi-client capability

The multi-client capability is also reflected in the authorization concept. For example, the areas of gas trade, transport, and storage can be configured as separate clients.

Multiple language capability

The system currently supports the languages German and English. The user selects the language upon log-in.

Extensive authorization concept

Authorization rights (read, write, delete) can be defined for functionalities and selected data. It is also possible to create profiles representing certain combinations of authorizations, which can be assigned to users. This allows for a detailed authorization administration and assignment.

Scalable reproduction of all contract types

Contract types are for example purchasing, sales, transport, swap, and storage contracts.


Planning can be created independent of, or with reference to, other planning versions. Individual scenarios can be created and used for each planning.

Time series

Volumes, capacities, prices, profits, indicators and indices can be created by the user. Additional types of time series are possible. Any number of sub-types (e.g. energy rate discounts, energy rate margins) can be defined for all types of time series.

Units of time

Calender year, gas year, six months, quarter, month, day (additional dimensions are possible)

Formula editor

The formula editor is used as a uniform instrument using common system functions to describe relationships by using formulas. Currently complex formulas including conditions can be defined. [read more...]

Time series system

Price and market data as well as, for example, quotations, are administered by a flexible time series system. The user can not only define and enter time series, but also import and export as well as display and modify time series. The time series management is used for saving of different types of time series, amongst others forecasted loads, prices and profits, meteorological data, oil notations, exchange rates, forwards, core market data.


Time series explorer, graphics editor including format administration and a flexible report generator are part of the standard functionality.

Sophisticated planning and analysis tools

  • Optimisation of gas supply
  • Gross yield planning
  • Margin analysis
  • Statistical price analyses 
  • Reference price analysis

System concept

GAPS is a multi-user system with a three-layer technique. An Oracle database forms the basis of the system. SAS is used for optimising functions and a server performs sophisticated calculation tasks as batch processes.