GAPS: Our solution for gas, analysing, planning and optimisation

GAPS (Gas Analysing and Planning System) has an integrated approach reproducing the gas purchase and sales process including optimisation of gas supply. It also offers an extensive authorization concept. Planning can be created independent of, or with reference to, other planning versions. Individual scenarios can be created and used for each planning. Planning objects like customers, contracts, as well as virtual stations, and pipelines are defined.

The Gas Analysing and Planning Systems (GAPS) was developed in cooperation with VNG Verbundnetz Gas AG, Leipzig.

Range of application

  • Short-, medium- and long-term planning of gas supply and gas demand
  • Short-, medium- and long-term planning of storage management
  • Supporting daily operations for gas sales and gas purchase departments  (price models, alternative profit calculations, volume and capacity balances, cost calculations)
  • Cost optimisation of gas purchase taking into account all contractual and technical constraints and restrictions with reference to a daily, monthly or quarterly basis
  • Providing central information for management, strategic enterprise management etc.