Risk Management

Any trading activity presents a certain risk, which, as a result of price volatility, can be enormous. The methods and procedures implemented for the assessment and control of risk in PSImarket effectively support the minimisation of risk in trading activities.


  • Minimization of risk
  • Assessment and control of risk
  • Valuation of options
  • Evaluation of open positions
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Determination of credit risk


Basic Risk Management

  • In the framework of mark-to-market, every transaction is evaluated in comparison to the market or a user-defined, contract-specific price curve
  • Value-at-risk is calculated with a number of procedures

Evaluation of Options

  • Valuation by option type-dependent standard methods such as Black-Scholes
  • Valuation of swing options

Risk Controlling

  • Comprehensive and highly flexible limit system
  • Definition, allocation and monitoring of limits for physical and financial limits for the trading activity and the trading partner
  • Support of "for-eyes-principle"

Other implemented standard functions

  • Evaluation of open positions
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Determination of current exposure
  • Determination of future exposure

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