PSImarket- Portfolio Management provides a central "information cockpit" for every item. It serves the time-resolved merger, balancing and comparison of the physical and financial data for all the procurement and delivery contracts.

With the flexibility of the balancing in conncetion with the filter concept, it is possible to compare any number of items with one another. This results, not only in an easier identification of the surplus or shortfall of individual books portfolios ot the entire portfolio, but also to statements about the financial position in the form of prices, cash flow, profit and loss. It also allows for the presentation of the impact of various items on the physical (net position) and financial particularities. The portfolio management module offers a number of functions for flexible balancing of transactions and makes parallel physical and financial views available in the standard:

The following possibilities for presentation, evaluation and configuration are available

  • Presentation relative to a defined reference
  • More flexible and efficient (and hierachical)
  • Selection of the target sequences displayed from predefined target sequences already in the system
  • Definition of free target sequences on the basis of one or more source sequences
  • Methods of presentation- total(sales and procurement are compared) or difference (balancing of the sales and procurement items)
  • Table or chart presentation
  • Multi- chart and axes presentation
  • Trading support

Trade support

The price calculator module generates trading proposals on the basis of conventionally traded products and generally aims at closing an open item which can be transfered to the module either from the portfolio management or any individual contract. The products or transactions used in this connection can be configured. There are several breakdown modi available for steering the algorithm that can be set according to the risk aversion. This not only supports a volume- neutral coverage but also a (restricted) surplus or shortfall, which, depending on the situation, may lead to trading proposals that significantly improve earnings.