Portfolio Management

The portfolio management provides a central "Information cockpit" for all positions.It provides summaries, balancing, and matching of the physical and financial data of all procurement and delivery contracts. The flexibility of the balancing in combination with the filter concept allows comparisons between all positions.


  • Central information cockpit
  • Support for multiple commodities (Power, Gas, Coal, Oil)
  •  Book and portfolio structure can be freely defined
  • "Virtual portfolio" for visualization of possible scenarios
  • Comprehensive and flexible evaluation features


Portfolio Management

The portfolio management module offers numerous functions for flexible balancing of the transactions as well as visualization of physical and financial aspects.

  • Visualization relative to a defined reference object
  • Flexible, efficient and hierarchical filter mechanism
  • Predefinition of target series
  • Definition of free target series based on several source series 
  • Balancing of sales and procurement positions
  • Table and chart visualization

Price Calculator

The price calculator module generates trading suggestions based on products traded in the market.

  • Closing of the open positions
  • Products and transactions can be configured
  • Breakdown modes for controlling the algorithm
  • Support of the volume-neutral procurement coverage and overage and underage


The module is the link between portfolio management and strategic, structured procurement.

  • Determination of the quantities of various portfolios
  • Stoking up of the remaining quantities with standard tradable products accross several sales portfolios
  • Planning the actual procurement of standard tradable products.
  • All the options of the PSImarket price calculator are available   

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