Energy sales

The offer calculation module supports the key account managers in the calculation of supply offers for wholesale, business and bundling customers.The module consists of a cost and earnings calculaton as well as multi- stage contribution margin calculation. It is available for electricity and gas sales contracts.

Module description

Allocate to one or more connections of the selected business partner to the offer
Perform a contract calculation with:
  • Allocation of the earnings and costs items 
  • Roll out of a load profile for the contract, taking the general conditions into consideration
  • Calculate all the statutory requirements (commission fees, cogeneration, German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) as well as grid fees)
Calculation of the energy costs 
  • on the basis of a price curve (HPFC),
  • on the basis of standard exchange products (by means of integrated hedging tools)
  • of the booking groups module (debiting of the sales volume from the amount of the procurement contracts with determination of the price)
  • a prescribed fixed price
  • Calculation of the contribution margin
  • multi-tiered

Presentation of results

A detailed contribution marging calculation is made in the form of a results sheet, distinguished for each contract and conncetion.


The workflow of a contract can be reproduced by means of a status report. With the aid of the proposed price function, the system suggests price regulation along with a profit margin for the working price (AP), performing price (LP) and base price (GP). A price analysis- either in the form of a table or graph - displays the development of earnings depending on the variations in the working and performance price. By means of copies of the contracts, variations of the offer can be calculated and compared with ohe another. The price regulation makes it possible to manage standard pricing and call these up in the contract. With the so-called delivery point assistants, it is possible to readily import attachments on the basis of an Excel list. A so-called current calculation enables the recalculation of a contract on the basis of the current load profile measured and therefore a comparison of the results sheet with the time of the offer was generated.