Energy Logistics

With the components schedule management and nomination, the suppliers and the balancing group managers manage the schedules for electricity and gas. PSImarket combines the functionality of the operational trading system with planning and optimization functionalities.


  • Flexible management of balancing groups and sub-balancing groups
  • Automatic generation and sending of roadmaps etc. via e-mail, FTP/sFTP, AS2, AS4
  • Fully automated schedule management electricity according to European market rules, flexibly configurable
  • Fully automated nomination management gas



Scheduling&balancing group management

The balancing group management and accounting module implements the German MaBiS (TSO-area) rules and the associated data exchange between business partners and network operators.
  • Flexible management of balancing groups and sub-balancing groups

Gas nomination

Support for all common business transactions in all commonly used formats:

  • Extended configuration of specific formats
  • Forwarding of the nominations by e-mail
  • Support of the nominations to the relevant market region coordinators or counterparts
  • Simplified nomination process by the nomination assistant

Electricity schedule management

PSImarket creates schedules for control zones, power plant downtimes, and capacities according to the applicable rules; the schedules can be created manually or automatically using batch jobs.

  • Schedule formats ESS (XML) and KISS (Excel) are available
  • Easy-to-read tree structure in the management of the schedules
  • Redirection to the network operator by automatic e-mail or stored on a FTP server
  • Data archiving of the schedule registrations
  • Support manual creation of schedules by registration assistant
  • Management of schedules and response messages of the network operators including send and confirmation times
  • Marking of the schedules in case of complaints by the network operator
  • Faster error detection
  • Creating the schedules in a black box

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