Accounting & Reporting

PSImarket offers a powerful accounting system. As an integrated tool for calculating and preparing financial data, this solution supports the workflow-based accounting of every transaction reproduced in the system, from the compilation of a client invoice to invoicing and invoice verification. Through a standard interface can the data also be converted to a booking system. Regulatory reports and accounting are supported by the system.


  • Powerful accounting system
  • Completely integrated in the overall system
  • Work flow-based accounting of the transactions managed in the system
  • Flexible design of invoice layout
  • Change tracking
  • Verification of incoming payments
  • Support for reporting in compliance with regulatory reports

Components -Accounting


The following tasks are supported as part of the accounting:

  • Accounts payable (debit), accounts receivable (credit), and general ledger accounts (profit and loss) for accounting purposes
  • Automatically generated payments and associated cost type bookings for all payment dates in the contract
  • Correction bookings
  • Verification of generated bookings against previous calculation results and booking periods
  • Contract cancellations by automatic creation of offset bookings
  • Compliance with accounting regulations related to foreign countries
  • Integration of the accounting in the existing system environment


Accounting also includes an optional invoicing feature:

  • Generation of invoices based on the payment terms defined in the contract.
  • Automatic generation of the due invoices including data verification 
  • Generation of simulated incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Preparation of outgoing invoices based on business partner information (tax information, netting options) and grouping information (cost types)
  • Generation of invoices for advance payments
  • Flexible design of invoice layout (also business partner-specific)
  • Verification and modification of the invoice
  • Designation of the volumes associated with cost bookings
  • Change tracking
  • Verification of incoming payments

Components - Reporting

Operative reporting

Our wide range of reports has been developed with the aim of organizing the enormous amounts of data and transforming it into information:
  • Implementation of the legal requirements of the GDPR
  • Operational reports according to individual specifications
  • Relevant information in dashboard overviews
  • Automation based on notification rules

Regulatory reporting

Our system supports you in fulfilling of regulatory requirements:
  • Full coverage of regulatory requirements and processes for REMIT and EMIR
  • Automated data import and export according to legal requirements
  • Presentation of all relevant key figures
  • Transfer of customer data - open format 

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