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PSImarket- Accounting is a powerful accounting system. As an integrated tool for calculating and preparing financial data, this solution supports the workflow-based accounting of every transaction reproduced in the system, from the compilation of a client invoice to invoicing and invoice verification as well as the conversion to a booking system through a standard interface.

The following tasks are supported in the accounting:

  • Accounts payable (debit), accounts receivable (credit) and general ledger accounts (profit and loss) for financial accounting purposes
  • Automatically generated payments and
  • Associated cost item bookings for all
  • Payment dates in the contract
  • Corrective bookings
  • Verification of generated bookings against previous calculation results and booking period
  • Contract cancellations with automatic offsetting entries
  • Consideration of accounting regulations in connection with foreign countries

The accounting module takes all the auxiliary costs and revenue items into account and applies any relevant discounts. The same for fiscal requirements for invoicing in other currencies.


PSImarket- Accounting also includes an optional invoicing feature. All invoices are generated on the basis of the payment terms which are defined in the contract. Outstanding invoices can be automatically determined - including data verification - at regularly defined intervals (e.g. monthly) on the basis of the payment terms defined in the contract.

Integration of accounting in the existing system landscape

The accounting module can either be operated as a fully integrated accounting system including invoicing or it can be used in a reduced configuration to process invoicing system. In any case, the transder of the invoicing items and cost type booking information to a general ledger (e.g. SAP) is possible. The accounting system allows the simulation of purchase invoices for invoice verification. It is also applied as a source of controlling for the utilisation of securities in the framework of credit risk management.

Scheduling and balancing group management

The balancing group management and accounting module implements the market rules for accounting grid billing in the electrical sector (MABiS) as well as the data exchange between business partners and network operators. Specific balancing group data such as the EIC Party Code, contact person, balancing group structures, production and consumption balancing groups for feeding in an out are also managed.

Schedule management for electricity

PSImarket provides either manual or automatic batch processes for control zone, power station downtime and capacity schedules in accordance with the current guidelines. The schedule formats supported in the standard system are ESS (XML) and KISS (Excel). Schedules are listed and managed in an easy-to-read tree structure. Schedules can be sent directly to the system operator by e-mail or stored on a FTP server. The scheduling messages are archived internally in versions. To support the manual generation of schedules, PSImarket provides a registration assistant. The schedules and responses of the grid operator are administered in the system with the time of the dispatch and the confirmation. The grid operator's responses are recorded and, should the grid operator object to the schedule, the corresponding positions will be highlighted. This assures that error detection is rapid. For purposes of improved approval and comprehensiveness, the schedules are generated in a "black box", but should there be any deviations, every step can be inspected with a tool provided to that end.

Gas nomination

PSImarket provides supports for all the conventional business transactions for gas market nominations. All the conventional formats are available. The extended configuration of specific formats, e.g. for business partner nominations, are als possible. The nomination is forwarded by email. The system supports nominations to the relevant market region coordinators or conterparts. In order to simplify the nomination process, PSImarket includes a nomination assistant.