• PSImarket: Solution for energy trading and sales

An ETRM software for all portfolio management, trading and sales processes in the energy market.

As one of the leading industry software providers, we develop integrated solutions for customers in the energy industry. The PSImarket product is an on-premise or cloud-based software that supports energy trading and sales with all processes from front to back office.



  • As on-premise system or as cloud-based SaaS solution
  • Functionally comprehensive standard product 
  • Future-proof technology 
  • Low operating costs
  • Support front, middle and back office processes

PSImarket Fields of Application

Energy Trade

PSImarket is a configurable trading system that integrates front, middle and back office processes in a modular form. It supports a wide range of procurement and proprietary trading tasks and manages the entire operational lifecycle of transactions from entry, through confirmation, clearing and finally settlement in a system.

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Energy Sales 

PSImarket is a full-fledged sales system that supports the key account manager's quotation process when calculating supply quotations for major, business and bundle customers. 

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Portfolio Management

PSImarket- Portfolio Management provides a central information cockpit for every item. It serves the time-resolved merger, balancing and comparison of the physical and financial data for all the procurement and delivery contracts.

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Risk Management

Any trading activity presents a certain risk, which, as a result of price volatility, can be enormous. The methods and procedures implemented for the assessment and control of risk in PSImarket effectively support the minimisation of risk in trading activities.

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Accounting & Reporting

PSImarket offers a powerful billing system with the accounting module. As an integrated tool for calculating and preparing financial data, it supports the work-flow-guided settlement of the transactions mapped in the system, the merging into a customer settlement, right through to invoicing and invoice verification.

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 Energy Logistics 

With the modules schedule management and nomination, suppliers and balancing group managers handle the schedules for electricity and gas.

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