PSI announces strategic partnership with Advanced Control Systems

Technology partnership in the North American Energy Management market

Atlanta, Berlin, 26 September 2017 – PSI Software AG (PSI), a global leader in software solutions for utilities and industry, and Advanced Control Systems, Inc. (ACS), a leading provider of Smart Grid solutions, have announced a new partnership in North America. The technology partnership is a demonstration of Leadership through Technology, and combines PSI’s extensive experience in Transmission Energy Management Systems (EMS) and extensive renewables expertise with ACS’s strong advanced distribution management (ADMS) market presence across the Americas.

Together, PSI and ACS bring a new level of innovation to the Energy Management market, resulting in a scalable solution equipped to handle the challenges of renewables integration and optimization of grid assets in both large and small utilities.

Kevin Sullivan, CEO of ACS, commented “PSI and ACS are both market leaders and innovators in the utility software space. PSI has grown market share across Europe and built a portfolio that allows utilities to solve their toughest problems, while ACS has focused on the distribution challenges with advanced algorithms that report outages, restore, and self-configure the network. By partnering with PSI, we are pushing the boundaries of advanced real time system deployments with an innovative and adaptive platform that allows our customers to keep up with the ever-changing supply and use of energy.”

“We are very pleased to form this strategic partnership with ACS, which will bring our European EMS technology to the markets and customers of our competent partner, ACS. We offer the full set of EMS functions for unbundled energy markets. And on top of that, we offer unique functionality for combined energy grids and an autopilot to stabilize and economically optimize electrical grids which are or will be exposed to abnormally high fluctuations from massive renewables or massive e-vehicle charging” said Dr. Harald Schrimpf, CEO of PSI.

ACS is currently deploying the first two projects in North America with the integration of the PSI advanced EMS applications into the ACS PRISM solution.

About ACS

Founded in 1975, Advanced Control Systems™ (ACS) is a leading provider of advanced automation technology to the global electric power industry. ACS control center solutions include supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), advanced distribution management, energy management, network simulation and optimization. The ACS automation product lines include a wide range of flexible and cost-effective substation, distribution, and feeder automation solutions. ACS operates as an independent portfolio company of the North American T&D Group (NATDG).

About PSI

Founded in 1969, PSI Group employs more than 1,600 persons in eleven German and seventeen international locations in Europe, Asia and North America. In 2016, the Group achieved revenues of 176.9 million Euro. PSI Software AG is listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange. As the leading European producer and integrator of process control and optimization software for energy network operators and energy intensive mass producers, PSI’s customers include almost all the major energy suppliers. Beyond that, PSI provides solutions for operational management, network utilization, pipeline management, leak detection and location, portfolio management, energy trading and sales and virtual power plants.