Smart Portfolio Management

The primary objective of PSI Energy Markets’ subproject Smart Portfolio Management is the overall management and optimisation of the energy portfolio. Besides using conventional methods of portfolio management, balancing is achieved by directly influencing generation and consumption. This enables availability and fluctuations in the generation of renewable energies to be optimally used. Input and consumption, and supply and demand are specifically influenced.
The consumption price is dynamic in line with predefined rules and sent to the respective end devices. These react to the current/future price strategy defined by the owner. Objectives such as minimising energy costs, optimising the marketing of generation from renewable energy sources (and thus reducing CO2) as well as maximising the result of the overall portfolio can thus be taken into account.

Components Smart Portfolio management project

In order to better incorporate power generation from renewable sources into the energy market, the forecasting quality of the expected input must be improved. The introduction of dynamic price-sensitive tariff systems necessitates the forecast of changes in consumption behaviour depending on automatic pricing signals. New forecasting models have been developed for both purposes.

The purpose of Smart Balancing is to optimally balance the purchasing, generation and consumption of energy while maintaining a stable energy balance. Small, local generators are modelled as virtual power plants and also taken into account during optimisation.

The installation of smart meters and devices that can react automatically to price signals offers a wide range of options for flexible innovative tariff systems. Such a wide range of options also requires a flexible accounting system such as Smart Accounting.

Value-added services such as analyses, information and strategies are created on the basis of all available data and evaluations of this data.