R-Win®: Our Solution for technical inspection and calibration

R-Win® is our system for technical inspection and calibration of  large-scale gas metering stations. Complex stations can be mapped and described completely. The system provides a choice of methods for reviewing all procedures of volume and gas quality measurements and an interface to invoicing (GasX).

In order to meet these complex requirements, many centralised and decentralised (notebook) functions are available in an integrated system environment.
Master data which is related to stations and devices is managed in a structured way either centralised or decentralised; data integrity is guaranteed by selected uploads and downloads. The operator carries out tests and prepares the revision reports and calibration protocols with user-friendly functions on-site. All necessary procedures for evaluating the tests are integrated in the system. Revision history and trend displays are also important features of the application.

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Validation of R-Win®NX

Special requirements have been defined for our R-Win®  system, since it is used for the official revision of gas measuring devices. Like previous versions, R-Win NX® Version 3.0 has successfully passed the test by calibration authorities.

If you would like to have more information about using R-Win® for test stations, please do not hesitate to contact us.