PSImarket: Our solution for energy trading and sales

PSI EM’s customers face a market changing every day: The market offers challenges but also many opportunities.  

Integrated solution for gas and electricity

PSImarket is the integrated and modular system solution for enterprises working in the liberalised energy market. It allows them to manage all sales and trade related processes effectively, to identify challenges and opportunities setting the basis for successful operations in the energy market. PSImarket offers a comprehensive solution. The system consists of individual modules which are integrated into the overall system. Dependent on the setup, the system can be configured to perform a wide variety of tasks required for energy trade and sales.  

Energy trade and sales

PSImarket provides an integrated solution for energy trade, a single system from front-office to back-office. For energy sales, PSImarket allows the management of all processes from product development to controlling. Furthermore, PSImarket is a state-of-the-art tool for business planning.  

Forecast, portfolio, risk and balance group management

All functions required for forecast, portfolio management, risk management, nomination and balance group management are executed under a single user interface, using common system functions and master data.  


The system can be connected easily to an SAP environment using the PSI’s EAI adapter.